Sunday, December 31, 2006


Just to tell you all...


I'll try to post more often... even if you stop reading me he.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

The Cleric of The Iron Arm

Well I know I have been absent, but at last I have the pictures of my latest big news. You may have noticed the title of this post, and maybe (just maybe) you have wondered what do I mean with it. Well, the thing is pretty simple.

Almost two months ago, while practicing some extreme sports like swimming with sharks, sky diving or climbing solo I have suffered an accident. It seems that I have broken my left arm, a Distal Humerus Fracture they called it, and I needed surgery to get it fixed. The next day I was on the operation table and the doctor inserted an Intermedullary Interlocking Nail, that is basically a piece of metal (in my case a mixure of Tin and Cobalt) that goes through the bone (yes, inside it!) and holds the two pieces together.

So now I, your writer, have a metal arm.

But don’t worry, even it has changed my life this two months, it is not that drastic, and, at the end, they will pull it out in about a year. I hope it can become a nice ornament some day.

Well I leave you with the X-Ray image of my arm. Enjoy.


PS. I broke my arm in a Martial Arts class while doing a demonstration of a technique; I guess we did prove it works.

Thursday, December 22, 2005


Hello, well let´s see if you like what I´ve written on the Chronicles, thanks for all your support. In this occasion I leave you with one of my favorite pics ever. I did it with paper and pencil with a real image as reference.

Asuka Langley, from Evangelion.

El Golem

PD. I actually have this pic for desktop. (Is that geek?)

Friday, November 18, 2005


Yes, I know, I´ve been absent for many months from the blogging circle, and it has been all my fault. I remember the times when I used to look in other blogs and say "hey, this guy only wrote one or two things four moths ago, that´s lame, that´s never going to happen to me".

Well, you should never say never, you know?

So this is my formal apology to all my follower readers that have been a support through the creation of my multiple blogs (only 3), and for now and forward I´ll try not to disappoint you again.

Thank You All.

El Golem

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

The illutions of reality...

So I decided to post one more time... and for those reading this who know me, they know this post is something they didn´t imagine I could do. You see, writing the lines below is something that is not commonly on my veins, so I hope you like what I have wrote in this rare occasion.


They met in a party with lots of guests
She came lovely and innocent
In her white cotton dress

He was invited to this fest long ago
This was the first time he decided to go

She came from a place of dreams
He came from the beginning of things
Soon they fell in love
After a dance their gaze got caught

She said she could live forever
He said he lasts for ever
She said she could do anything with him
He stared at her and grabbed her chin

After a while marvelous things she did
And in every one of them his touch was in
For long together they have lived
A happy couple, both building a wish

But later on, things get all torn
When she was happier, he seemed to be gone
When he returned, she was completely broke
And together they were no more

In a big party was this white dressed girl
Who met a boy that could change her fate
She said to know him she wanted
He said long ago he had her

They were both together and then
there's nobody but him to blame
She said PROMISE was her name
TIME was his, and he will brake her again

The End.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

My Temple...

Well yeah, now I'm the one posting here, yes me, Atei - El Golem... also, I'm doing it in english, just to practice a little.

I'm not quite sure what will result of this blog, I usually doesn't talk much about myself and actually I don't quite care if you read this or not. I just felt that if Imhaet has a blog, and he is also posting the Chronicles of the White Island, then I -Atei- needed one too.

El Golem